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Brush Material Pick-Up Change

Ordinance 0-11-09 An Ordinance establishing a policy for pick-up of brush material.

Whereas, the Village Council has determined,based on recommendation,that it is appropriate and necessary to establish a policy for the pick-up and removal of brush material set out by residents of the village.

Now, Therefore,Be It Ordained by the Council of the Village of Bradford, Ohio a majority of its members elected or appointed thereto concurring as follows:

Section One: The Village of Bradford hereby establishes a policy for the pick-up and removal of brush material set out by residents of the village,as follows:

A. Brush pick-up will be conducted one time each month, on the fourth (4th) Thursday of each month.

B.  Village residens must contact the Village office and be placed on the list for collection at least one day prior to the  collection date.

C.  Brush set out for collection must be cut in lengths of four (4) feet or less and be bundled in no more than eighteen inches in diameter.

D.  If the brush pile is so substantial that the pick-up requires more than 20 minutes to collect, a charge of $75.00/hour will be charged to the resident.

E.  No large or bulk collection (i.e whole trees,shrubs or stumps) will be allowed by this ordinance.

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